Digital Documents

Creating and handling documents such as a word processing file, a spread sheet or a presentation is the most common task people do with a computer. All you need to have is an appropriate software program to create any of the above digital document. Since the advent of e-mails you can easily send a perfect copy of these documents anywhere in the world instantly. However there are risks that come with this ability and it is important to be aware of them.

Digital Catalogs

Many companies around the world invest heavily in printing and distributing their product catalogs on a monthly or weekly basis. It accounts for a huge printing and distribution budgets. The entire process consumes lots of paper and energy resources. This can be easily reduced by adopting digital catalogs, a cheaper and eco-friendly way of publishing and distributing product catalogs.

Digital Publishing

The modern technology has completely revolutionized the publishing industry. Today digital publishing is the new era in the publishing industry. Many publishers have already started offering digital editions along with their print publications. But like any other new technology digital publishing is still not readily accepted. It is still out of the reach of the common people.

Digital Magazines

Everybody likes to flip through a glossy, interesting magazine while waiting for our turn at a clinic or at an airport lounge or even while having coffee alone in the evening. Magazines have always been a very good friend for all of us when we need to spend some time alone. Although with the ever increasing prices of the print editions have really made it difficult for many magazines to survive in the market.

Digital Books

A digital book is an electronic text that forms the digital media equivalent to a conventional printed book. In other words a digital book is an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a personal computer or a hand held device specifically designed for this purpose. These digital books are sometimes restricted by digital rights management system.

How to sell your ebooks on ibooks store?

Do you have a flair for writing? Is there a novel some where at the back of your closet that you have finished writting last summer? Did you participate in the writters competition and still have the copy of your novel un published? Or are you a budding author who needs that last nudge to actually get writing? If any of the above describes you then here’s a good news for you. Now you can get your e-Books published on Apple’s iBooks Store for iPad.

International Standard Book Number

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13 digit unique international publishers identification number which replaces the old bibliographic descriptive records. ISBN is a short machine readable identification number known throughout the world to mark any book unmistakably. It is machine readable in the form of 13digit i.e. Book Land EAN barcode which enables fast running of electronic point of sale systems in book shops. It mainly executes the ordering and distribution of books in a fast and efficient way.

Go-Green with Digital Publishing

Join hands with CreateMagazines and choose the green alternative to traditional print publishing. With the digital publishing platform like CreateMagazine you can deliver all your content without producing any waste. When you publish digitally you automatically support the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) to save a billion trees a year in order to reduce global warming.

Publish in Amazon’s Kindle Book Store

Do you want to get your digital books made available to more than 500,000 kindle users around the world? If yes then come along!
Kindle is the new wireless e-book reading device designed by that allows its readers to download e-books directly to their kindle device. In a very short span of time Kindle has become the most popular outlet for e-books. It is a thin hand held device which is lighter than any paper back book and provides a very high resolution screen that looks similar to a page of a book.

Power Point to PDF Converter

CreateMagazines is the complete solution for converting your powerpoint presentations into the worlds’ favorite pdf file format effortlessly. Your only choice for fast, easy and accurate conversion of your PowerPoint presentations into pdf format.

Word to PDF Converter

Converting a Microsoft word document to a pdf format gives you the ability to email documents to any one in a change-protected mode. Which means your content is protected form being edited by the receiver. Plus, converting documents from word to pdf allows you to prepare them for archiving.

Excel to PDF Converter

You can now covert your excel files generated by Microsoft office into the most common and popular pdf format using CreateMagazines. The entire conversion is online. With the help of a simple and user friendly interface you can save your excel sheets into pdf format without the use of the popular acrobat reader. The layout, tables and graphs of the original excel sheet are preserved into the pdf format.

Physical Printing service

If you’re a new and yet-to-be-published writers, chances are you’ve been tempted by magazine ads promising “Get Published Now!” or “We’ll help you self-publish!” Maybe you’ve submitted material to traditional publishers and received rejection letters, and in frustration you’ve thought, “Maybe I should just self-publish.” But where do you begin? A quick search on the web reveals a bewildering array of self-publishing options. How many are legitimate?


He internet has revolutionized many industries like music, television, telephone etc and now its the print media which will be joining the same with the Digital publications . The Page flip effect reefers to the effect of turning pages of a digital document as if it was a physical document. The advantage of having a flip page document is that it provides.