Excel to Flash Converter

Easiest excel to flash video converter @ CreateMagazines

Are you bored of reading the dull grey excel spread sheet reports and Want to have an interactive flash based web report?
If yes, then CreateMagazines is the right Solution for you.

CreateMagazines is an intutive web application , designed to create engagging, interactive data presentation from excel spread sheets. With the userfriendly excel to flash conver you can easily distribute your excel interactive sheet to your friends. The output quality is excellent and the conversion is fast. All your original
layout, text, images, tables of your Excel file are preserved in the conversion.

It provides you with the option of viewing your sheets as a stand alone document in a separate window. The userfriendly interface is easy to operate with merely a few clicks. These flash publications can be easily embedded into a web page with the other webpage contents. It also provides you with the option of downloadng a pdf version for your converted files. So You get a double benefit of converting your excel files with createmagazines.

You can distribute your interactive reports on the internet, for others to view without any hassles or additional viewing software. You also have the option of social bookmarking for all your publications. You can directly share all your flash files with your Friends and colleges through various social networking sites like facebook, Mixx, Blog etc.

What features are provided?

There are a number of features provided by CreateMagazines. The following are just a few of them:

Greater accessibility

Social bookmarking for publication links

Greater accessibility

Easy distribution

E-mail ready

Highly secured

Simple embedding option

Audio – Video embedding on publication pages