Convert your excel files to pdf files in few easy steps


Convert your excel files to pdf files in few easy steps

You can now covert your excel files generated by Microsoft office into the most common and popular pdf format using CreateMagazines. The entire conversion is online. With the help of a simple and user friendly interface you can save your excel sheets into pdf format without the use of the popular acrobat reader. The layout, tables and graphs of the original excel sheet are preserved into the pdf format.

CreateMagazines not only provides you with the excel to pdf conversion, but you also get a very attractive and interactive flash based digital version of your excel files. You can easily share these digital files with your friends and colleagues with the share option available in the viewer. Just type your message and email address of your friend and you are done. In addition your friends can also download the pdf version of your shared file.

CreateMagazines also provides you with social bookmarking facilities on all major social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Mixx etc. You can upload your flash files on all the social networking websites and can provide your content to all the people in your network the smart way i.e. through flash publications.

So you get the advantage of flash files with the file conversion facility with CreateMagazines. You can avail this exciting facility with loads of other features which will entirely change the way of your documentation with CreateMagazines.
The following are just a few of them:

Fully automated system.

Easy to use control panel.

Social bookmarking for publication links.

Cross platform and browser platform compatible so works everywhere.

Search engine optimized publications.

Customizable front-end interface.

Ability to deliver publications with our white labeled solution

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