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Please note all registered users at CreateMagazines can self publish any one document completely FREE! simply sign up for our FREE account which does not require you to enter your Credit Card or any other payment information. With a FREE account you could still publish unlimited times but can only have only 1 publication under your account at any time. Meaning if you already have a publication, you would first have to delete it to publish a new publication. Additionally access to some advanced features like Video embedding is not available under a FREE account. You can upgrade to a PRO account at any time by paying $15/month to keep unlimited publications and get access to all of our features.


If you are looking for a custom skin, or audio / video ads embedded to your magazine documents published via CreateMagazines get in touch with our Support Team and we would be glad to offer these services too. This applies to any special feature requirement that you might have or even skin customization to better match your website or products look and feel.

Also note that for any reason if you are not satisfied with the quality of the magazine images and would like to have them optimized, feel free to contact us in this regard and our Support Team would help you improve the same. We would be more than happy to even do a manual conversion for you should there be a need.

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