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[dropcap3]A[/dropcap3]s a Money Coach for the New Economy, Garrett Jay has created a sarcastic, yet comprehensive personal finance guide that’s practical, timely, and easy to read. You can now seriously increase your financial literacy without much effort.
Everyday money decisions can be mysterious, intimidating, and stressful. From cradle to grave, this guide sheds light on literally over 1,000 ways that money slips out of your pocket, often without you noticing. It’s way more than clipping coupons and turning off the lights when you leave a room. The majority of the money wasting ways found in Goodbye Money can each cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Avoiding just a few of them can really fill your wallet with extra cash by learning about money mistakes before you make them.
Here’s a small sample of what’s inside:

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  • Renting versus buying a home. Rent isn’t always a waste of money.
  • Should you lease or buy a car? If you decide to buy, do you grab the 0% interest financing or take the $2,500 rebate?
  • Starting a business? How many customers do you need to be profitable?
  • 43 money wasters that new and seasoned landlords should not overlook.
  • The money math behind how foreign currency can affect travel costs as well as investing.
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    This guide is great for college students, grown-ups and those who aren’t ready to grow up! It will help you become more aware of your money and will provide you with easy-to-use analytical tools so you can make your own financial decisions. You’ll feel empowered and no longer need to rely on people who might be inexperienced or biased because they’re motivated by commissions. Most importantly, once you develop good money habits, they become easier to maintain.
    Real life financial solutions are provided without the fluff. There’s a lot of financial information and advice out there, but most of it is either high level or purely motivational. Goodbye Money gets down to business and makes even complicated financial concepts easy to understand and remember.
    Yes, you can create a financially successful life. Financial literacy doesn’t have to be painful or boring. Start by trying this offbeat, yet valuable money help today. It’s not as hard as you think.


Book Title
Goodbye Money – 1,000 Ways to Waste It, or Not

Author Name Garrett Jay
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Phone Number 561-333-1220
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eBook ISBN 978-0-578-07994-3


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