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CreateMagazines – an easy solution to your pdf to flash coversion.

When you put a pdf file on your website, your visitors require an Adobe Acrobat Reader to read the pdf, plus viewing a pdf is not very cool or easy. Converting Pdf documents to flash is really simple and there are many tools available on the internet to convert Pdf documents into flash objects like a stunning flip book.

CreateMagazines is an automated online conversion system which helps you transform your pdf document (.pdf) into flash (.swf) in a matter of seconds. An entirely new concept of publishing your content in a 3D format which can be leafed through with the same format as the physical print version. Flash is an independent
platform and does not requires any supporting software to view flash files. All polular web browsers already have flash plugins already installed. So you can view all the pages of your publications just like an actual book in your web browser.

Converting your pdf to flash brings your document to life, complete with flipping pages that can actually be dragged from the corners, a zoom function that is clean and easy to use, and a thumb nail view that shows all the pages of your document at once. If you have any internal or external links within your pdf these stay
active within your Flipbook.

In addition you can customize your flipbook by:

  • Adding your own logo
  • Changing the background images.
  • Add audios or videos to make your flip book more interactive.
  • Add internal and external links to publication pages.

Many more features to customize your flip books.

We have made the process of converting your pdf to a flash flip book as easy as uploading an attachment to your emails.

All you need to do is name your publication and upload your pdf via our publication control panel. Within seconds you have a stylish, interactive and a beautiful looking flash flip book ready for your website.