Power point to Flash Converter

Power point to Flash Converter

Automatically rebuild power point presentations into flash with CreateMagazines.

why be dependent on Microsoft office power point for your presentations when you can have the world’s popular platform independent Flash?


Now with CreateMagazines automatically convert all your power point presentations into Flash. PowerPoint to Flash Converter accurately transfers PowerPoint animation effects, slide transitions, embedded Flash movies, audio and video clips. So get your presentations converted to Flash and be published on the
website to easily share them with your friends.

You get the freedom from attaching your presentations in your emails. All you need to do is enter your message and your friends email address and send your flash publication through the share option. If you like to share your presentation with all the people on your social network then CreateMagazines has all the social networking sites share option for you. It also provides you with the option of embedding your publications into your websites.

Converting your power point presentations into flash provides you with many advantages like reduced size, Secure content and the most important easy distribution on the web. A flash file is much more entertaining then a series of slides your readers have to go through. It also reduces the dependency of the viewer on any supporting software like MS office, as these file will directly open in the web browsers. They are also compatible with any type of an operating system like Win, Mac, Linux etc.

You can distribute your interactive reports on the internet, for others to view without any hassels or additional viewing software. You also have the option of social bookmarking for all your publications. You can directly share all your flash files with your Friends and collegues through various social networing sites like
facebook, Mixx, Blog etc.

What are the advantages of using CreateMagazines Power point to flash conversion tool?

There are numerous advantages of CreateMagazines conversion tool. The following are just a few of them:

  • Secured content.
  • Appealing presentation of converted file.
  • Fast and Preserving conversion.
  • Easy sharing and bookmarking options.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Unique feature to make intelectual flash publications.
  • Ample storage for converted files.

Curious? Then give CreateMagazines PowerPoint to flash converter tool a try!