Digitization means storing information contained in physical hard copy formats like books, magazines, journals, reports, case laws, judgments, historical documents, articles into any digital format like pdf, .doc or .docx, HTML, XML etc. Digitization is all about getting your work flow and information more organized so that it is available to anyone in your organization ..

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Digital Publishing

The modern technology has completely revolutionized the publishing industry. Today digital publishing is the new era in the publishing industry. Many publishers have already started offering digital editions. along with their print publications. But like any other new technology digital publishing is still not readily accepted. It is still out of the reach of the common people.

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Sales-Page creative Services

Simple. Fast. Efficient.The Best Partner for Increasing Your EBook Sales Not getting enough money from your eBook? You could be losing sales because of a poorly written sales page…Let us help you become a successful writer while you save up time & money on your online advertising expenses!.We are sure you are well aware that successful online marketing is generated by killer

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e-Book Conversion Service

Technology has changed the way we read books in the modern era. Most of the books are available in electronic formats which can be viewed on various e-book reading devices like Kindle, iPad, Sony Readers, Ms readers etc. Most of the publishers and individual authors are looking forward to sell their books in the e-book formats which are compatible with the dedicated e-book reading devices.

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