Digital Publishing

Digital Publishing

Presenting CreateMagazines, the electronic publishing solution that takes any document and converts it into an electronic ‘chapter book’. Your reader sees a familiar page layout that they already understand. They can electronically flip through each page, back and forth, just as if they were reading a printed book or magazine. You get ALL of the benefits of a printed document without any of the expense and overhead of printing and distribution. And it couldn’t be any easier to accomplish.

Here’s all you do.

  • Prepare your content as you normally would using the application of your choice.
  • Log into your CreateMagazines control panel and upload your file.
  • Use the publication wizard to quickly and easily select your settings including page width and height (in inches or pixels), page flipping speed, image quality and other settings that affect the presentation and quality of your document.
  • Submit and save your changes and you are done!

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The Internet Browser is Hurting Your Business

Here’s Why?

The Internet has revolutionized the publishing industry. Now you can go from the printed word to mass publication in minutes instead of days or weeks. And while that’s good news for your budget and production timelines, its actually bad news for the people who read your documents and publications.


The Way You Present Your Content is Chasing Away Readers

Aperson’s eyes and brain work together to process information. The more information that eyes see at a time, the harder it is for the brain to process it all.


CreateMagazines works great for

Presenting CreateMagazines, the electronic publishing solution that takes any document and converts it into an electronic chapter book.

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Modern technology has revolutionized the publishing industry completely. Today digital publishing is the new era in the publishing industry. Many publishers have already started offering digital editions, along with their print publications. But like any other new technology digital publishing is still not readily accepted. It is still out of the reach of the common people.

But now you can offer all your documents in digital forms with CreateMagazines digital publishing solution. It can really set you apart from your competition as the publishing cost is at its minimal and you experience immediate returns. It offers several options for monetizing your publications and helps reaching broader audience.

It provides you the access to broader audiences through the easy web distribution facility. An increased number in the audience will definitely attract more advertisers. Which will increase your ROI. Digital publishing also provides its readers the freedom to read any publication anywhere at any time. It really enhances the reading experience as it enables the readers to interact with the publications which is really not possible with a print publication.

It can be a good way to resist the ever increasing costs related to print publishing. It is inexpensive and offers many features which can never be available with a print publication. Digital publications can be an easy and fast way to reach the target audience around the world. It is the key to earn in a smarter way.

There are many different models available in the market to choose from. So as a publisher you need to figure out the most cost effective digital publishing solution. CreateMagazines can offer you a user-friendly and completely automated digital publishing solution. It can provide you a high returns for your minimal investments. It is an effort to offer you the latest trend in the publishing industry at an exceedingly inexpensive price.