Executable Flip Books

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Increase your sales even more by promoting your flip books through offline media…

We at create magazines help you promote your publications to a wide range of audience and with this thought in mind we have brought a new service especially for our publishers. Currently using our Digital FlipBooks for web you are able to deliver your publications/FlipBooks to users with any device with a web browser and an active internet connection.This covers 75% of your customers.

Are you satisfied with this..????

No….? Even we are not…

Why our publisher leave the remaining  25% too.???

For this we have come up with FlipBooks in executable formats (For WIN & MAC PC’s)

You can burn your flip books directly on CD/DVD’s , or share them via USB drives or through downloadable links.

Yes we are talking about cd/dvd’s of your flip book. This is made possible by our new service. We offer a downloadable version of your flip book that can be burn into the CD/DVD’s and distributed among your customers

In this way you:


Connect to your customers in a more systematic and efficient way


Create a remarkable image of your product

This is a human curiosity to open the cd at least once and see the content of the cd. Our service hits this human tendency thereby helping you to promote your product. The rest depends on the design of the catalogue or the manner in which you present your product.

We can even assist you in designing a more attractive catalog for your product.

Advantages of this service:


Promotion to a wider audience

You can approach a larger audience who either do not have a internet connection or prefer to have a offline copy of your publication.


Easy to Carry

Offline media used for distribution like cd/dvd or usb are very handy and portable. They can view it on compatible devices on the fly without an internet connection required. On top of this they can even copy the executable files on to their Netbooks, laptops pr PC’s for easy sharing.


Free Trials

Additionally you can also offer your content for Free to your customers but for a limited period of time. After this free trial is over user would either have to purchase your content to keep on using it or else it would not open. Alternatively you could also offer your content with a number of usage limitation meaning users would only be able to view it for a specified number of time after which would need to make a purchase.



Promotion through offline media is cheaper way to enhance your sales. You can create virtually unlimited copies of your publication without paying anything extra. The only cost involved after the publication gets ready is the cost of the CD/DVD or USB drives.



This is a very interactive marketing feature as customers can actually view your product in action too. You can include rich media directly into your catalog’s or any other publication for that matter and make it more interactive catching users attention. Your users can see how your product looks and what its features are. The audios and videos embedded in the flip book are a part of the executable version itself.


Custom Branding

You viewers can be custom branded with your own splash screen, icon and logo.


Environment Friendly

Digital offline media used for promotion is electronic and requires no paper or ink making it 100% eco-friendly.



If required these FlipBooks can be serial key protected too. Meaning the user would need to insert a serial key before they could view the FlipBook. So for a small additional cost you can distribute your content securely controlling any illegal distribution of your content.


Small looks Cool…

NOTE:The Custom Branding and the Security features are not included in the 50 USD price. These features vary as per the clients needs and hence there proper quotes can be estimated only after reviewing the clients requirements and hence additional charges are included along with the basic charge.