Pricing for flip book publications

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Plan for self-publishing digital FlipBooks

Under this plan you can publish on your own.

PRO Account

Unlimited publications with all the features.

15$ / Month

On subscribing, you get:

  • Unlimited publications
  • Unlimited readers
  • 1 GB Web Storage. $1 per GB/month for additional storage.
  • Embedd Hot links
  • Deeplinking to publication pages.
  • Statistics and Google Analytics
  • Embedd Video Spots in your publication.
  • Access to all CreateMagazines features.
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Executable Flip Books

Download your flip books for just $50.

There may be a lot of potential customers that do not have direct access to your flip books. This fact would somewhere affect your sales. But now you don’t need to worry about this because your flip book can approach these customers too with our Executable flip book service.

Under this service you can download executable version (For Windows & Mac OS) of your flip books at a one time cost of just $50 per Flip Book. These downloadable flip books can be distributed via cd/dvd or usb drives to your customers.

Some features of our service are:

Promotion to a wider audience

You can approach a larger audience who either do not have a internet connection or prefer to have a offline copy of your publication.

Easy to Carry

Offline media used for distribution like cd/dvd or usb are very handy and portable.

Custom Branding

You viewers can be custom branded with your own splash screen, icon and logo.


Promotion through offline media is cheaper way to enhance your sales.


This is a very interactive marketing feature as customers can actually view your product in action too.

Free Trials

Additionally you can also offer your content for Free to your customers but for a limited period of time.

Environmental Friendly

Digital offline media used for promotion is electronic and requires no paper or ink making it 100% eco-friendly.


If required these FlipBooks can be serial key protected too.

NOTE:The Custom Branding and the Security features are not included in the 50 USD price. These features vary as per the clients needs and hence there proper quotes can be estimated only after reviewing the clients requirements and hence additional charges are included along with the basic charge.


Features present in all of the above Managed FlipBook plans:

Unlimited storage space and unlimited readers with full features for every book.

Monthly detailed statistics report. We can directly link your own Google Analytics account too.

External Hotspots can be added at onetime cost of $20 per 50 Hotspots/ links.

1 free upgrade/ republishing the book if required. Additional republishing would cost $5 onetime setup charges.

Full sales and technical support.

Videos can be added at a onetime cost of $5 per video.

Assistance in embedding your flip book inside your website.

Mobile / tablet friendly version included.

Additional features only in FlipBook plan 3

20 Hotspot ( Internal or External links) per FlipBook. Additional hot spots can be added at onetime cost of $20 per 50 Hotspots/ links.

5 videos (Total 250MB in size) per FlipBook. Additional videos can be added at a onetime cost of $5 per video.