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Digitization means storing information contained in physical hard copy formats like books, magazines, journals, reports, case laws, judgments, historical documents, articles into any digital format like pdf, .doc or .docx, HTML, XML etc. Digitization is all about getting your work flow and information more organized so that it is available to anyone in your organization when they need it quickly without any problems.Modern developments via digitization now extend you the ability to search across thousands and thousands of documents for a specific piece of information in no time at all. One thing every serious business agrees to is “time is money”.

Digitization helps you save a lot of time so that you are investing more time in actual planning and business development rather then in searching for information to aid such decisions which could not be easily presented without digitized documents. The more organized you are, the quicker the project will be done and the less it might cost you.

If you want to preserve or share corporate archives, newspapers, government records and documentation, library collections, or fragile books and documents then digitizing them is a very good option. Digitizing will save a lot of space as an entire room full of books can be reduced to a small space in a single bookshelf. It will also provide an easy means to share these important materials with a large group of patrons.

With the unprecedented control afforded by the application, you can really take your documents to a new level, promoting your company as innovative as well as dynamic, which can make the difference in competitive or generic markets.With digitization you are having the advantage of making the document search enabled. Rather then going through the table of contents in a book , you can do a quick electronic search and find what you are looking for. It will be a very good tool for students, researchers, corporates and law firms.

Document Conversion Services

CreateMagazines successfully provides digitizing services to all the clients who want to convert hard copy formats like government archives, historical documents, old book, journals etc into digital formats. We also specialize in converting document from one format to other (i.e. From .doc to .pdf etc). We ensure that you get a digitized document which is search friendly, editable, reformatted, re-purposed, indexed and organized into dynamic, live information assets. We also apply predefined client templates and convert documents which can be re-purposed for online channels.

Advantages of outsourcing digitizing services to CreateMagazines


Cost Effective

We provide digitization at a price which is affordable and provides value for the money..


Customizable storage format

The data after conversion is stored in the format as prescribed by our clients i.e. Pdf, .doc, HTML, XHTML etc.


Preservation of historical documents

We provide special services for the digitization of historical documents which can be in the form of manuscript, inscriptions on leafs etc.


Easy maintenance and retrieval

We offer a very easy to maintain formats and easy retrieval facility of lost data.



Complete care is taken regarding the confidentiality of the client’s data as we work on a network which is fully protected form hacking..


A wide range of input and output formats

We accept data in the forms of books, Scanned copies, Journals etc and provide output in a digitized format of your choice.


Digitize voluminous content

We can convert huge volumes of contents into digitized format which can be very useful for libraries, government archives, hospitals etc.

Unlike other digitization service providers we not only help digitize your documents but additionally we also help you to distribute and share these documents after they have been digitized.To discuss your digitization needs, kindly submit your contact details using our Contact Us page and we will get in touch within 24 hours after we receive your information.

Just get in touch with us

If you want to get a quote for digitizing any book or manuscript just send us details like no. Of pages, page size, type of formatting, images, tables, graphs, text in one column or two columns etc using our Request a Quote form and we will send you a quote based on the details provided. You can also call us at +1 (213) 985-1857 and provide us the above details and we will send you a quote via e-mail.

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