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Technology has changed the way, we read books in the modern era.

Now you can easily convert your content in to eBooks which can be viewed on various e-book reading devices like Kindle, iPad, Sony Readers, Ms readers etc.

We have expert skills to convert e-books from PDF, Word, normal paper back, HTML or any other format to widely used e-book formats like Mobipocket, Kindle, Sony Readers, iPad etc. We can convert an e-book to any other format according to your requirements.

Why use CreateMagazines for eBook conversions

All ebooks created by us are validated and meet all set standards and guidelines which are ready to be submitted to online stores like Amazon or ibookstore.

Free web based digital version of your ebook so that you can showcase and preview the same easily on your website or blog pages or anywhere else on web ensuring more exposure.

We have a large team of ebook coders who specialize in hand coding ebooks instead of deploying automated conversion tools which provide badly formatted ebooks.

Full sales and technical support.

We can convert to/from almost all formats

We can convert to and from virtually most file formats. Most of the formats usually required are listed below. If you need your eBook converted to a file format not listed here you can still request that format through our Quote Request Form. We would confirm in our quote if we would be able to provide that format or not.




PDB, Palm Digital Media electronic books


MOBI, for Kindle and Mobipocket ( This format is just like the AZW or PRC yet works on both)


CHM, Microsoft Compressed HTML Help


PDF, Adobe Portable Document Format


EPUB, For iPad (Apple iBooks), Kobo eReader, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Adobe Digital Editions, Stanza, BookGlutton etc.


HTML, For Web


EXE, Multimedia eBooks with virtual turning pages

How we do eBook conversion


1. Request A Quote

It’s simple! You just need to send us your files with our quote request form. We will review your files and get back to you with the pricing.

2. Payment

If you are ok with pricing and want to convert your content in to eBook, we will send you an invoice to make payment.

3. eBook conversion

That’s it! We will start eBook conversion for you. We will test it on real devices and get back to you with a quality product.

4. Sell your eBook

We will submit your eBook to almost all online publishing platforms like amazon, Kobo, iBooks, lulu, google books etc.

A confirm quote is only possible after reviewing your publication / book / manuscript as different documents come with different type of formatting, layout or complexity. We review all documents / manuscripts closely and will revert back to you with a precise timeline and quote for this conversion. Please be advised that we use uploaded documents strictly for reviewing purposes only and do not distribute or use them in anyway what so ever.

Kindle Conversion

We offer kindle conversion services at a very affordable price. The recent development in the technology for e-Readers have opened up a new source of income for publishers and authors. CreateMagazines team has made it easy for publishers and authors to launch their e-books on kindle in the most affordable way. We offer the most easy and affordable solution for converting e-books into the kindle file formats.

ePub file conversion

ePub is the open and free e-book standard developed by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). E-books published in ePub format can be read on a variety of softwares and electronic reading devices like iPads, Sony Readers, Hanlin e-Readers etc. It is the most widely used e-book publishing standard around the world and many publishers have started converting their e-books into ePub format. We at CreateMagazines provide with a unique service of converting any file format into an ePub file format. Our team of expert professionals can convert any file format into a high quality ePub e-book. The quality of the converted files is high as compared to any other service provider as we follow all the guidelines described by the IDPF for creating ePub files from various file formats.

Mobipocket Conversion

We provide Mobipocket conversion, formatting and publishing service. We can convert pdf, word, HTML or any other digital format into a Mobipocket (PRC) format. Mobipocket file conversion is yet another difficult task and requires special skills and resources to accomplish it. At CreateMagazines we can provide you with a high quality Mobipocket e-book which you can easily sell and can earn a fair profit from.

We also provide with the Mobipocket publishing service which is similar to our Kindle publishing service. We can provide you with the conversion of Pdf, word, excel, printed books etc into Mobipocket format. We offer the following Mobipocket conversion and publishing service to publishers and authors:

Just get in touch with us

To know more about our conversion service please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact us form. We will be happy to resolve all your queries regarding our conversion service. You can also call us at +1 845 600 3287 (US) or +91 731 2563558 (IN) regarding any of your queries. We will provide you with a prompt solution for all your queries.

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