EPUB 3.0

EPUB 3.0

EPUB3 was announced by the international digital publishing forum (IDPF) in 2011, as a new standard for EPUB format for creating interactive ebooks.

Ebooks with EPUB3 format, serves readers a fascinating experience of reading as it supports for multi-view options for contents, integration of audio-visuals, animations and interactive pictures into an ebook that makes the publication an effective source of information for readers.

Adding More Features To Ebooks

EPUB has been widely adopted as the format for ebooks. With introduction of new specifications under the version 3.0 format’s capabilities has increased in order to provide a better support to wider range of publications. Some of the exciting features supported by EPUB3 are:


  • Rich media – Audios, Videos, and Animations.
  • High quality graphics.
  • Playback voice narration, with sync to publication text.
  • Global Language Support with typography and embedded fonts.
  • Multi View Options – Landscape, Portrait, Page thumbnails, Flip/Rotate pages.

Supporting Platforms

EPUB3 ebooks are best supported by Apple’s iBooks(Latest version) and AZARDI e-reading devices, with full support to new technical specification. Whereas some of the other platform also supports EPUB3 books, but with limited functionality.

Our Role

We always accept technological changes as opportunities to grow, and so with the EPUB3. We offer creation and conversions of several publishing formats into EPUB3 ebooks, for every professional author, publisher, literature writer who desires to create and use new innovations in their work. Our dynamic development team is well compatible with the technological standards, structure, and guidelines derived by IDPF for EPUB3, and ready to create fantastic digital publications.

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