EPUB File Conversion

EPUB File Conversion

EPUB is an XML-based distribution format for e-books that is rapidly gaining adoption by publishers and distributors. EPUB is free and open e-book standard by the international digital publishing forum (IDPF ) with the file extension .epub. It was designed for optimizing the text display for a particle display device. “.epub“ is composed of three open standards, the Open Publication Structure (OPS), Open Packaging Format (OPF) and Open Container Format (OCF). It is a single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house and also for distribution and sales.

Why do you require an EPUB conversion?

EPUB is the new industry format and is gaining popularity amongst major publishers and retailers world wide. Being an open standard format, it provides inter-portability between software and hardware for unencrypted reflowable e-books.

This format provides you with the ability to read EPUB books on all operating systems using various e-book reader supporting softwares like Adobe Digital Edition, Stanza, FBreader etc. These digital books can also be read on dedicated reader devices like Sony Readers, iPhones, Hanlin eReader etc.

In short EPUB standard e-books can be read on any device or reading application that supports EPUB enabling its reader to acquire wide range of e-books from various online resources. The readers can easily create their own e-Library which will be independent of the type of readers they may have. So converting your files to an e-Pub format is a very sensible thing to do.


Why CreateMagazines for EPUB conversion?

Any automated conversion tool may convert your files into an EPUB format but it may result in an formatted output with specific devices.

That is were CreateMagazines comes into picture. We provide you with manual conversion of all your files into the EPUB format with the most accurate formatting. CreateMagazines has recently started with the EPUB publishing service. We provide a full range of EPUB conversion service which include but not limited to the conversion of file formats like PDF, word, excel, power point, HTML etc. Into the EPUB format.

A large volume project is very easy for us to convert as we have a team of dedicated professionals who have the skills for handling voluminous conversions with ease. We are bound to provide our customers with a high quality and customized conversion service.

We will be highly honored to be working as your conversion service providers and would provide all the required assistance for your file conversions at a very affordable cost. Just get in touch with us using our contact us form or call us at +1 213-985-1857 and let us know your conversion requirements. To get a free quote for the file conversion please use our Request a Quote form. We will get back to you with all the possible solutions as soon as possible.