Flip Book Conversion

Flip Book Conversion

Flip Books are digital web version of an ebook which can be viewed through any web browser on any device (PC, Tablet or Mobile) with Adobe Flash support. Because of the several advantages offered by digital flip book they serve as a very important marketing tool. They help Authors easily market and share either the full ebook or else a portion of the ebook with their reader’s.
Since a reader does not have to download anything it allows them to quickly have a look at the book content and manages to capture readers attention. Since majority of the web users only spend a few seconds on a website it’s vital that you present your book information in the most intuitive and attractive manner. A Flip Book does exactly that.

These flip books serve a variety of purposes listed as below:

  • To sell your book and thus monetizing from your books digital web edition too. Selling it alongside the other ebook formats like EPUB or MOBI would only bring in additional revenues.
  • To digitize your books and share it through the web.
  • Show a quick preview of your book content to your reader’s through your website or blog or sales page. Your reader’s would not have to download anything and can look at the book content with minimum effort before making a purchase.
  • Include rich media like Video, Audio, Photo slideshow etc.. in your book.
  • Increasing your ebooks availability for multiple platforms and not limiting it only to the ebook readers.

Why do you require a Flip Book?

FLIP BOOKS have gained a lot of popularity over the years as it allows an Author to quickly share and distribute their book through the most widely used platform “Internet Browser”. We transform any book from its soft copy (a computer file format like PDF, Word Doc, HTML, Indesign, Quark Express etc.) into a Flip Book within 1 working day. After your Flip Book is ready you easily embed it in your website, blog or any other web page you have access to. Flip Book(s) are very cost effective and are currently sold at a yearly fees of USD36 for ebooks without rich media. E-books with rich media are charged on per case basis after receiving details regarding how you want rich media elements embedded into your ebook. Once published your Flip Book would be available to your reader’s 24×7 for as long as you keep the yearly subscription active for that book.

This format provides you with the ability to read EPUB books on all operating systems using various e-book reader supporting softwares like Adobe Digital Edition, Stanza, FBreader etc. These digital books can also be read on dedicated reader devices like Sony Readers, iPhones, Hanlin eReader etc.

In short EPUB standard e-books can be read on any device or reading application that supports EPUB enabling its reader to acquire wide range of e-books from various online resources. The readers can easily create their own e-Library which will be independent of the type of readers they may have. So converting your files to an e-Pub format is a very sensible thing to do.


A single Flip Book costs


for upto 500 pages and 50MB in size. There is a one time setup fees of $5 per book..

Flip Books are published under our Managed Publishing Service, wherein our staff takes care of publishing your Flip Book. Here is what is included as a part of this service :

  • Unlimited storage space and unlimited readers with full features for every book.
  • 1 free upgrade/ republising the book if required. Additional republishing would cost $5 onetime setup charges.
  • Assistance in embedding your flip book inside your website.
  • 20 Hotspot ( Internal or External) links per PDF. Additional hotlinks can be added at onetime cost of $20 per 50 Hotspots/ links.
  • 1 video (upto 250MB in size) per PDF. Additional videos can be added at a onetime cost of $5 per video.
  • Monthly detailed statistics report. We can directly link your own Google Analytics account too.
  • Full sales and technical support.

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If you have any questions you can get in touch with us using our contact us form or call us at +1 213-985-1857 and let us know your conversion requirements. To get a free quote for the file conversion to other eBook file formats please use our Request a Quote form.