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Kindle is a wireless hardware and software platform which was developed by for reading and displaying of digital books and other media. Its software applications exists for many operating systems like windows, iPhone OS, Mac OS, Blackberry etc. Kindle uses a cellular data network called “whispernet” to deliver books, newspapers, magazines and weblogs. It is a device designed specifically for reading text but it lacks color or a backlight, has a simplistic web browser and a very long battery life.

Kindle combines a paper-like display (167 dpi, 4-level grayscale) with a custom, anti-aliased typeface to achieve remarkable readability. Six text sizes are available, from tiny to huge; all are crisp and readable. Its shell is made form Impact absorbing plastic and the beveled edges make it easy to pick up off a table, while the inward-slanting corners help kindle rest comfortably in the hand. Kindle uses a special file format called the azw format to display e-books. It is a file format developed specially for kindle publishing by CreateMagazines provides the service of azw file conversion.

Word to Kindle conversion

Word is the most commonly used document editor around the world. Most of the authors have created their scripts in word as it is very easy to use and supports special formatting, Images, graphs, tables text in multiple columns etc. Converting word to kindle is a complex process and requires professional assistance in the conversion as there are many different codes in the word file and if left unassisted results in bad formatting.
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PDF to Kindle conversion

Most of the e-books are in the PDF file format and PDF to kindle conversion is a complex process. There are many images, tables, text in multiple columns, special fonts, etc which are difficult to preserve in the converted document. But it is not at all difficult for the CreateMagazines skilled professionals. We ensure that the converted document is high in quality and is an exact replica of the original PDF file. The conversion team at CreateMagazines
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HTML to Kindle Conversion

HTML documents consists of lots of images and special formatting for text. To convert these file into a kindle format may be a difficult task for a non professionals. The output of such a conversion will be a poor quality file missing some of the fine details contained in the original document. It requires a lot of skills and resources to generate an exact replica of an HTML file in kindle format.
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QuarkXPress to Kindle conversion

QuarkXPress is a computer application designed to create and edit complex page layouts in a WYSIWYG ( what you see is what your get ) environment. It is mostly used by designers and publishing houses to produce any kind of complex page layouts required by magazines, newspapers, catalogs etc. These files can only be viewed on quarkxpress viewer.
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Excel to Kindle conversion

Excel is one the most widely used editor for generating reports. It has many tools for creating reports like graphs, tables, special formatting, charts to make your results more appealing. It is a real challenge to convert these files into a kindle format. If converted unassisted it can result in a poor formated output.With CreateMagazines expert team handling your conversion, you need not to worry about having a poor quality conversion.
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Adobe InDesign to Kindle conversion

Documents created using Adobe InDesign have text mostly in images. It really raises many issues while converting them into a kindle format. They are not easy to convert into a kindle format without expert guidance. They are more complex then a normal PDF file. We need to take extra care while converting these documents into a kindle supporting format so that all the images are converted properly and there is no distortion in the conversion process. 
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Printed books to Kindle conversion

CreateMagazines provides you with the service of converting your physical books into kindle e-books. With the change in the technology many reader now prefer to read books digitally on reading devices like Kindle, Sony readers, iPad etc rather than reading physical books. It provides them freedom from caring heavy books and enables them to own
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Benefits of using our conversion services

Highly skilled and professional team for Kindle conversion.

Professional approach in converting your documents.

Quick turn around times for any type of file conversion.

Fairly reasonable conversion charges in the entire industry.

Transparent service for high customer satisfaction.

High quality services.

Ability to handle high volume conversions.

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