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Mobipocket reader is a software developed by a French company known as Mobipocket. It is an e-Book reader for PDA’s, Smart Phones, Desktop computers etc. It is also supported by Kindle and some other e-book reading devices. It is a leading e-book format based on the open e-book specifications. It is loosely based on HTML and includes some unique formatting requirements. It is similar to the kindle (.azw) format with a slightly different formatting scheme. In the present scenario e-books are becoming very popular day by day, their by increasing the e-book publishing requirements in Mobipocket format.

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Word to Mobipocket conversion

Word has always been a very popular text editor for authors and individual writers for creating their original scripts in a digital format. It has many easy to use features by which any one can create beautiful content material having images, charts, graphs, special fonts and formatting. But still this popular format lacks in supporting the Mobipocket file format which makes it non compatible to be viewed in the e-book format on Mobipocket Reader. Read more »

PDF to Mobipocket Conversion

PDF file is the most secured file format used by everyone to send their documents through the Internet. Most of the e-books are published in PDF file formats. But PDF files cannot be viewed directly on the Mobipocket readers. They need to be converted into the Mobipocket file format so that they can be viewed easily on a Mobipocket Reader. Converting a PDF file is easy but sometimes it is very difficult. It all depends on the PDF document, Read more »

HTML To Mobipocket Conversion

CreateMagazines offers the service of converting HTML files into a Mobipocket file format. HTML is the source format for converting Mobipocket e-books. Hyper text markup language (HTML) is the language mainly used to create websites and web pages. Not all tags used in the HTML documents can be supportive tags in converting the files in a Mobipocket format. Read more »

Quark XPress to Mobipocket Conversion

Quark XPress is yet another complex file format. It is similar to the adobe InDesign in terms of layout and graphics. It is a software application designed for generating pages in the what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) environment. It is mostly used by designers and publishing houses to produce any kind of complex page layouts.. Read more »

Excel to Mobipocket Conversion

Excel is the most popular spreadsheet used by almost all organizations to generate their reports. It has many features which makes it easy to use and very convenient when it comes to forming reports with tables and graphs. It is a very useful tool for any type of report generation. It also helps in preparing stock keeping records and making shipment reports. The only disadvantage with Excel.. Read more »

Adobe InDesign to Mobipocket Conversion

Adobe InDesign files are mostly used by designers and graphic production artists to create publications, posters, and print media. InDesign mostly consists of text in image form and is a very complex document when it comes to file conversion. Since it has heavy images and lots of special formatting it becomes a difficult task to convert InDesign files into a Mobipocket format with out professional guidance. Read more »

Printed Books into Mobipocket format

CreateMagazines provides you with the service of converted your physical books into Mobipocket e-books which can be easily read on a PDA, blackberry or a Mobipocket e-book reader. We have made it possible for you to own all your favorite books in the e-Book format and can carry them where ever you go without worrying about the extra load. This service provides you freedom from carrying heavy books. Read more »