Sales-Page Creation

Sales-Page Creation

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Not getting enough money from your eBook?
You could be losing sales because of a poorly written sales page

Let us help you become a successful writer while you save up time & money on your online advertising expenses!

Dear writer,

We are sure you are well aware that successful online marketing is generated by killer sales pages and attractive websites. Working with experts will surely allow you to step into the Big League of eBook writing. When it comes to selling eBooks online, there is no place for mistakes, and there is only one chance to capture the visitors’ attention. Perhaps you have already tried the bitter experience of cheap looking websites and colorful sales pages. We strongly believe that you don’t want the same low quality for promoting your new eBook.

An attractive website can do the work of a sales agent in the online world. However, writing your own sales page or building a website from scratch can be pretty stressful and time-consuming for a creative writer. Leave experts handle these key aspects of your eBook selling process!

The MiniSite Creation service provided by CreateMagazines is basically everything you need to launch your eBook online.

  • Do you want a sales page that brings amazing results?
  • Do you need a customized website for selling your eBook?
  • Would you like to spread the word about your eBook all over the internet but you don’t know how to do it?

Regardless how good your eBook might be, no one will get to read it if you don’t capture their attention with a powerful marketing approach. Sales pages must attract clients, inform them on your eBook and convince them why they need to purchase it. In addition, a simple and professional website is a key sign that you are a true professional. Achieving success as a writer and earning the well deserved revenues can be very hard, especially if you don’t have the right support.

Stop wasting any more precious time!

You need end to end services such as the ones provided by CreateMagazines at We take your book from the moment you finish it, we format it into a professional-looking document, than we deliver you a free web based digital version of the eBook. Don’t worry about any marketing details; with our MiniSite creation service, you will have the opportunity to create a true buzz around your book over the Internet.
An exceptional sales page is the best method to display credibility, professionalism and reliability. Each client of CreateMagazines receives a customized Sales Page (around 1000 words) to increase their sales and they don’t even need a professional copywriter!

  • The MiniSite creation service, with a sales page included (around 1000 words) will allow you to achieve freedom and full control over your business.
  • This is why CreateMagazines is the best partner for active writers who want to take control of their online eBook marketing process.
  • All you need to do is write your next blockbuster; the rest is already taken care of!

Just remember that CreateMagazines’ MiniSite Creation service can be your best partner in reaching your sales targets faster and better. This means more time to focus on your writing and family, less money spent for advertising and more clients. What else can you ask for?

A brand new website sounds good … Well, we also have that as in our offer!

We know that writers don’t like to get cluttered in technical details, as building a website requires a different set of skills. Unless you have time to learn all that coding and graphic design stuff needed to build a website from scratch, you can always subscribe to our MiniSite Creation service.

Stay tuned for…

The MiniSite Creation service for only $750

You can have a complete online marketing package for only $750, instead of spending thousands of dollars:

  • Writing a Sales Page copy (Around 1000 words) which helps you attract more sales
  • Mini site design and development.
  • Backend support which would allow you to edit mini site content in future.

Now, add:

  • Onetime mini site search engine optimization and submission to top search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • Submission to popular social networks.
  • Onetime mailer sent to all CreateMagazines users who have opted to get informed regarding new eBook / publication releases at CreateMagazines.
  • Upcoming Showcase section on Your eBook would be showcased in this section.

And more stuff including:

  • Free $50 Yahoo Ad credit.
  • Free digital publication subscription for 1 full year (Worth $180).
  • One free eBook conversion (up to 250 pages).

Is that a good deal or what?

You can always hire a professional copywriter to make your sales page, or look for a developer to build your website, choose colors, set deadlines, and keep spending money. However, what if after all those efforts and significant expenses, your make no sales? There is a better way, and here at CreateMagazines we offer a complete solution to this problem. Everything is customized according to our client’s needs, so your mini-site will have a unique look & feel. CreateMagazines has everything you need to launch, promote and sell your eBook in the online medium.