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First time authors wonder how to sell a ebook(s) they have worked hard on? Accomplished author’s face a new challenge thinking how can they increase ebook sales.

These 10 tips to boost your ebook sales would come handy to both new as well as accomplished author’s.

  1. Invest in getting a excellent eBook Cover Page.

    Every book is judged by it’s cover. How many times have you heard this? We’re sure several times already. It remains to be the top reason why a lot of ebook(s) fail to generate the kind of sales they deserve. A good cover prooves to be the single most important factor in getting the initial interest and making reader’s want to look into your ebook. So do not ignore this fact and get a interesting and good looking cover page for your ebook.

  2. Sell your ebook(s) through multiple ebook stores.

    Although the top ebook stores like Amazon, B&N and Apple account for bulk of the ebook sales. There are several smaller but equally important ebook stores which would boost your over ebook sales substantially. A list of other major stores which you should sell your ebook through are : KOBO, Diesel book store…………………….

  3. Provide a nice quick preview of your ebook content.

    A preview of your ebook pages helps in engaging your prospective buyers / readers to your ebook and increasing your chances. There are several ways to create a quick preview.

    • Post screenshots (as images) of relevant pages alongside initial Index and content pages.
    • Post relevant pages of your book alongside initial Index and content pages as html. This would also be a very search engine optmized (SEO) way of promoting your ebook.
    • You can also use a site like Scribd to publish and post a preview.
    • You can create a Digital Flip Publication on CreateMagazines itself to publish and post a preview.

  4. Get your ebook reviewed.

    Ebooks with published reviews and real testimonials from various ebook stores or your readers tend to get more attention and interest and thus sale more.

  5. Create a search engine optimized sales page to promote your ebook.

    When you are selling an eBook you are offering it via the internet. So it makes a lot of sense to have a dedicated page for your ebook which tells everything your potential readers would want to know and thus leading to a sell. You can use this webpage to provide author information, book information, come up with special offers and have your own ecommerce system in place to sell your ebook right from your own webpage. This way you would not be sharing profits with anyone else. When you offer your ebooks from ebook stores you usually end up receiving inbetween 30-70% of your ebook sales. Remaining amount is kept by the ebook stores as their cut. Although offering ebook through ebook stores is an absolute necessity as these stores are able to provide substantial exposure to your ebook. But why not have your own sales page in palce too if your readers directly reach there. You can either create a simple webpage on your own, or hire a company create one for you. Click here to have a look at our sales page creation offer for more information.

  6. Join affiliate programs.

    Affiliate programs offered by sites like ClickBank can help you market your ebook better.

  7. Make your ebook (s) available in multiple file formats.

    Different users have different reading preferences. Some like to read their ebooks on a PC some on a ebook reader device like Kindle or Nook, some like to read them on new Tablet devices like iPad and some simply like to read them on their mobile devices. The problem is each one of these devices have their own set of compatible file formats. So it makes sense to have your ebook in multiple file formats so that you have a extended reach and are able to provide a format compatible with several of these popular devices. Click here for more information related to common ebook file formats.

  8. Use the power of Social media to spread the word about your ebook.

    Social media marketing also termed as SMO has become a very popular tool to promote about everything. Site like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and various blogs allow users to “repost” or share information shared on the product in question easily. Since the same information is shared by a user with their contacts and by contacts of their contact, it helps in spreading the word fast this reaching more and more people . Social networking sites act as word of mouth promotion adding more value.

  9. Offer limited period discounts, create bundles.

    Just like any ecommerce product an ebook can be offered on limited period discounts or bundled with relevant products to increase the overall value or worth of the deal to the user. This is proven method tested over time to fetch results.

  10. Price your ebook intelligently.

    Since production and distribution costs involved in case of an ebook are substantially less as compared to their printed version you should price your ebook cost considering all these factors. Lower cost in case of an ebook is the major driving force behind the increasing ebook sales trends that we all have been witnessing in the last few years. So do you research well before deciding upon the cost for your ebook.