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Convert your word documents into flash flip books with just a simple click of your mouse.

Have you ever wished to show your document to friends or virtually anyone on the Internet without having them to install special software?


Is there any solution to convert Word to web-ready documents like flash SWF without changing its layout?

Well now you can, with the new word document (doc/docx) to flash (flv/swf) converter at createmagazines, you can have your word documents converted into flash with a simple click. All you need to do is name your publication and upload your word document via our publication control pannel. Within seconds you have a stylish, interactive and a beautiful looking Flash publication ready to use. You can have all your images, text and original layout of the word document preserved in the conversion. It becomes easy for you to share these flash file with all your friends as they are comparatively smaller in size. Besides you get the freedom from storing them on your hard disk as we provide you with ample storage space on our own server which is highly secured and free from virus attacks.

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits in converting your word documents into a flash flip book. The following ae just a few of then:

  • Greater accsessibility : – It does not equires any additional softwares to view these publications. A flash flip book can be viewed in any web browser as all browsers have an inbuilt flash plugin installed. So the accessibility is maximised.
  • Distibution : – All your flash flip books can be easily distributed to all your friends and people in your network. CreateMagazines provides you with the facility of sharing all your flash publications on all major social networking websites like Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, My Space etc.
  • Embedding : – All the flash publications at CreateMagazines can be viewed not onliy as a standalone document ina seperate window but you can also embedd them into the web[ages of your own websites. The process is very simple and you just need to copy and paste the iframe at the desired web page location.
  • Compatibility : – The Flash publications can be viewed in any web browser as all the browsers already have flash plug-ins installed. So these publications are compatible with any type of a browser.
  • E-mail ready : – CreateMagazines provides you with the facility of sending your flash publication to your friends through e-mails directly from the viewer panel along with your personalized message or you can just provide a link to the publication in your e-mails so that your friends can view your publications.
  • Secured content : – These flash files cannot be editted or copied by any one, making your content secured from copying. In addition to it you can also disable the download or print options in the viewer if you dont want anyone to have your content in hard copy.
  • Interactive features : – You can make your static word files into interactive flash files by adding audio – video to your pages or by automated page flipping. It would really enhance the experience of the people reading your flash content.
  • Free Pdf file format : – You are also provided with the free pdf file downlad of your flash files as a bonus feature. So while converting your word documents to flash flip books you also get a pdf file of your word document.

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