Multilingual eBooks Conversion

We are specialists in converting any form of content, whether visual data, audio, or text, to help the clients eliminate language difficulties and reach a wider audience.

Multillingual eBooks Conversion Services

Multilingual eBook conversion services assist various authors, corporations, and publishers in ensuring the content’s accuracy and target non-English speakers in their native language. We help authors and publishers increase their reach and sales and cater to the likes and tastes of a global audience. We always make sure that your work is translated perfectly into the target language and that eBooks can be read by people using almost every device, i.e., we optimize your eBook for viewing across all digital platforms. We also assure that our team is given specialized training to increase knowledge in multilingualism and acquire the required expertise to deliver different types of translation support for completing a wide range of business needs. We can deftly create eBooks in different languages such as English, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Polish-French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and other Latin & Non-Latin languages.

eBook Conversion

Being part of its Multilingual eBook conversion services, CreateMagazines allows publishers to seamlessly convert titles into their preferred file output to maximize flexibility, interactivity and mobility, and cross-platform compatibility.

Editing and Proofreading

We can improve your eBook to ensure that the content is grammatically perfect and culturally relevant in the translated language. We provide that the content is free from typos, errors, or inconsistencies.

Language Translation

We can change your actual books, whether fiction and non-fiction novels, eLearning materials into different languages, allowing you to reach wider audiences. Simultaneously, we also ensure that all technical features, such as icons and images, are correctly rendered and culturally appropriate.

Different steps included in our conversion processes

At Createmagazines, our main aim is to help our clients reach a wider audience and record more sales with the help of our multilingual conversion services. Though, the process is somewhat complex and may result in problems. the various steps that we do include when the multilingual conversion of eBooks.

We ensure that the text flows throughout the document to avoid interruption from the beginning to the end.
We use beautiful and high-resolution picture covers since pictures will first grab the audience’s attention rather than texts.
We do not use unusual or unique fonts as eReaders usually switch to default fonts while reading the content.
We either turn complex tables into something simple or into graphics for showcasing the desired information to readers.

Why Choose Createmagazines for multilingual ebook creation services?

The Createmagazines team adheres to the international digital publishing standards for publishing services. Our publishing expertise is helping publishers and authors to publish great ebooks and reach their readers across the globe.

If it comes to multilingual ebook conversion services, our team uses the most advanced technologies to turn books into ebooks.

Benefits of Having Createmagazines as your ebook Conversion Partner

We are ebook conversion specialists in the global outsourcing network. Here are some points why we add value to your ebook related requirements:


We provide cost-effect publishing solutions; our pricing is transparent, and it does not include hidden fees Or charges.

Quality Service

As a multilingual ebook conversion service corporation, we do care about the quality of the outcomes. CreateMagazines ensure that you receive great quality ebook services that can make value for you.

Quick Turnaround Time

You can expect the services to be delivered on time because we create a multilingual ebook using proper strategy and research.

Robust Technologies

We use the latest technologies and tools to convert books to ebooks. Our experienced experts ensure to deliver your results within the shortest possible period. You will never have to worry about the last-minute changes as we’re here for you.

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