Children’s eBook Conversion

Creating Highly Interactive & engaging ebooks that your childrens want to read every day.

Children’s eBook Conversion

CreateMagazines has helped many publishers and authors by successfully designed interactive and animated eBooks for children using CSS3 and HTML5 for multi-format, multi-channel publishing. For instance, audio, video, game, or a link to a website are considered interactive supports. That’s why kids love them so much! They give great importance to the book as they are fun, engaging, and playful.

Our expert children’s eBook designers and developers have developed various textbooks with interactive graphs, maps, graphics, video, and guided tours, 3D renderings, personalized set of test questions (true/false, multiple-choice), educational quizzes, language instructions, and other self-assessments exercises for evaluating their grasp of the subject.

CreateMagazines Provide Various Formats For Children’s eBook Conversion

CreateMagazines working on different formats over various devices, we design animated eBooks for children for new backlists and titles. CreateMagazines convert the books in multiple types of formats, such as:


Apple supports both ePub2 and ePub3 format for children’s eBooks to be sold over the iBookstore. CreateMagazines change the titles according to Apple’s fixed-layout specification, ensuring they feature full-page zoom, orientation rotation, embedded media, single-page view, narration overlays, and animations and interactivity. We can also include read-aloud audio, depending upon the client’s requirements.

Amazon Kindle

CreateMagazines helps publishers and authors change children’s graphic novels, literature, comics, illustrated kids’ books into Amazon Kindle Format. To readers’ and children’s experiences, we can transport the original artwork in Kindle Children’s eBooks.


Barnes & Noble has its proprietary digital book format for children’s eBooks, titled Nook Kids. It features audio narration and region magnification and enables readers to record their voices. Ebook can be viewed on NOOK Color, NOOK Tablets, and NOOK Kids for iPad.


To help teen and children’s book publishers distribute their titles over Kobo and different Android devices, including Google Nexus, Samsung, etc., we convert the files into ePub3 fixed-layout format, compatible with these retailers.

Why should you have to convert Children's books into an eBook?

Digital books can help children who struggle to read independently, including children with learning disabilities. Children can listen to the story while they catch the words. They use interactive features to understand great stories. Ebooks can sometimes motivate reluctant readers.

Though, Amazon’s Kindle feels a decade out of old-fashioned, complicated, and dated. The touchscreen and ePub three combinations offered on iOS are, by comparison, is a creative’s delight. Here you can showcase live content, interactive buttons, animations, speech, sounds, and more.

eBook conversion for illustrated children's books

Demand for children’s eBooks continues to grow rapidly. The market is worth $2 billion, with a further increase forecast for 2021 in the US alone.

Children and Parents have adjusted to ebooks and enjoy simple accessibility and the wide variety of engaging titles ready in a couple of clicks.

The specialist Children’s eBook conversion team at CreateMagazines has worked with publishers and authors to make their titles available to this global audience. CreateMagazines help you to convert the best possible eBook version of your children’s book.

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